Alli Stanton

Snow Black


Alice “Alli” Stanton, also known as Snow Black, is a freshman at Freidmont High. She is a small, introverted girl, who has spent the majority of her first year in high school keeping to herself. She wears the same headband every day, and often wears the same shirt; this, combined with her awkward appearance, has led other students to label her as a nerd. Alli appears to be unaware of this description. She lives with her parents, Bob & Beverly Stanton, as well as her little brother Charlie (“Rat” to Allie and her friends.)

Alli is a metahuman with the ability to turn invisible, as well as the power to detect and affect other people’s emotions. This power is unreliable, however, and more often than not manifests unintentionally when Alli feels a particularly strong emotion. Pre-cataclysm, she also had the power to create a shroud of darkness, but this power was drained by Skyler during their second romantic fling.

Being young and immature, Alli often has difficulty understanding how her actions can negatively impact others. Alli’s self-centered worldview is her biggest flaw, one that she is constantly attempting to correct (often with mixed results).


Alli’s decisions have led to a variety of significant events, including the revelation that Princess is an alien refugee as well as the Cataclysm itself. Having sacrificed herself for Abigail Saunders (thus also reverting the body-swap she shared with Abigail) she was able to, with the help of the Phantom Stranger, return the timeline back to it’s post-Cataclysm state and banish the extradimensional being presumably responsible for swapping Alli and Abigail’s bodies.

Pre-Cataclysm, she had made friends with both Supergirl and Batgirl. She is close to Hannah Hawthorne and has been since childhood. She had broken ties with Abigail, which may have ultimately led to her sacrifice and the cataclysm itself. She also had a romantic relationship with Skyler and was the first to discover that he was, indeed, a robot/android of some kind when he stole some of her abilities. She also grew close to Alex Danfield when Alli defended her from one of Amanda’s violent outbursts.

Post-Cataclysm, Alli has retraced some of her steps to foster her relationship with Alex, trying to recreate the events leading up to their altercation with Amanda. Otherwise, she is close to Abigail and Hannah.

Alli Stanton

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