Jack Mitchell

Shade Boy


( I encourage you all to read this in Peter Stormare’s voice. )

Before time and the world of men there existed something sentient without yet a given┬áname, engulfing everything around it. Slithering up to and tethering onto anything it could get hold of and drowning it out. When the worlds were created in a flash of light this thing retreated into itself, but left behind its mark. Man came to call it darkness and they told of all matter of creatures that came crawling from its depths. As time passed these things became myth, science telling us that darkness is not even anything but the absence of light. And so these things are no more than just stories, just as you tell yourself now. Boogeymen to make children adhere to their parents rules. But deep down when you’re alone in the woods, or walking down the street, or even in your own home after the sun has set. When you have no lights or electronics on… You begin to get that feeling of unrest that creeps from your neck to your back, and the paranoia that eyes are watching you sets in, you start to doubt that it is only children that should fear the boogeyman.

Jack is a conduit to the darkness, he has no idea how or why. He doesn’t know if the power is even his, most of the time having a sinking feeling that it is borrowed and whatever it is he is borrowing it from can see him with every use… and see him clearer with every advancement. The fear of not knowing if he will have control from one day to the next mixed with the life of a teenager makes him reckless, rebelious. He snuffs out social situations with sarcasm and awkwardly violent actions. Maybe one day he will understand enough to have full control, for now the only thing he knows is that the only thing as fast as light is the spreading of darkness. His time is running out.

Jack Mitchell

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