Mi Do Re



Mi Do is a dark haired petite Korean with gigantic glasses and a bowl cut. She’s prone to wearing bright colors with a clear preference for neon track suits. She usually carries a bulky messenger satchel embroidered with her name in Hangul, 미도. She rides a yellow motorcycle with red stripes she calls 말벌, or The Wasp.

As Diagesis, she favors dark tights with a cowl and a black half-jacket with plenty of pockets for gizmos and powders. She wears a demonic half-tal over her eyes, with large fangs that come down over her jaw.


In the mists of time of ancient Korea, a greedy merchant cheated a powerful dokkaebi, trickster spirit of an old set of scales, into binding himself to their family line, taking the power to “know how to make the best deal.” Liberally interpreting his request, the spirit began narrating everything around the merchant to ensure no detail escaped his notice. He swiftly went mad.

Mi Do’s is the latest recipient of this family curse. The old spirit has mellowed through the years and only narrates when he finds it amusing. Mi Do, with her industrious spirit, turned this periodic info dump and sardonic remarks into a hobby of detective work. In high school, Mi Do started a detectives club with several fellow students which fell apart when one of her peers, Moon Li, was attacked and almost killed by a teacher with a secret to hide. She turned her energies to self-defense after this, studying Tang Soo Do (emphasis on kicking), Hapkido (grappling and throwing), and the art of mobile archery, Gungdo. Before she could confront the teacher who hurt her friend, he arranged to have her selected as a foreign exchange student and sent to America.

Cast adrift from her home culture and with no way to pursue her vendetta, Mi Do tries to stay busy and hone her skills. At Crosstown, Mi Do was naturally drawn to the school newspaper and the after-school junior police program. She finds it difficult to connect well to American teens, particularly bewildered and disgusted by their obsession with sex. She’s made a few friends, including deliberately hitching herself to social butterfly Leighton and mover-and-shaker Sarah Hass. Mi Do continues to crave a challenge and cannot ignore an interesting mystery.

Mi Do Re

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