Two schools in two worlds..,

…both set in the DC Comics Universe in a mid-size town in Missouri, Friedmont only about 45 minutes away from the twin metropolises of Central City and Keystone City — home of The Flash. The Freidmont High Wildkats and Crosstown High Rivals represent the shared universe of Hero High School, a Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition roleplaying game utilizing the DC Adventures supplement line. The game focuses on the trials and tribulations of teenagers with only recently discovered superpowers set in a world loaded with superpowered threats who still need to get their homework done before stopping the end of the world. Sometimes, West Side Story tryouts take precedent over the murder, cybernetic augmentation, and resurrection of school chums, and sometimes the football games are besieged by alien beings set on injuring the star running back. Enjoy!

Hero High School Universe

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