Abigail Saunders

Living Dead Girl


Abigail exists simultaneously in the world of the dead and the living and can operate on both planes of existence. She is able to revert into a ghostly form as well as manipulate spiritual energies on a basic level.

Boston Brand has, up to now, been her only confidante regarding her neither living nor dead nature.


Abigail was at the center of the major events that resulted in the time displacement of the original Freidmont Four team. Following an assault at the hands of Kid Amazo, a deep depression led her to take her own life. Instead of passing into the afterlife, she was rescued by an unknown extradimensional entity and her spirit was swapped with Alli Stanton’s temporarily. The being used Abigail as a conduit into the natural world until the Phantom Stranger intervened and Alli sacrificed herself to restore the broken timeline to the week prior, resulting in the reversing of time back to it’s original state heretofore known as the Cataclysm.

Currently she is Alli’s closest friend and is the newest and current fourth member of the Friedmont Four.

Abigail Saunders

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