Yuka Yahuk

The Shaman


Yuka Yahuk, also known as Shaman, is a sophomore at Freidmont High. Yuka is of Inuit descent, though he has some suspicions of his lineage, sometimes claiming to be adopted. At a young age, his family moved to Freidmont from Alaska, leading a number of students to believe he is a foreign exchange student (JV insists that Alaska is part of Canada). Yuka’s mother is a firm believer in the Alaskan traditions, kept by their family for many generations. This has made her parenting incredibly overbearing and controlling, she constantly berating Yuka for coming home late or spending time with “white girls.” On the contrary, his father lives vicariously through Yuka encouraging his mischievous activities; this difference in opinion is a source of conflict within the household.

Unlike his peers, Yuka is not actually a metahuman. His powers are derived from the spirits of his ancestors, reflecting the Inuit’s belief in animism. These spirits give him the ability to control the elements, giving Yuka a very diverse set of abilities involving fire, water, earth, and air. This also means that he is immune to Kid Amazo’s power draining capabilities, as his superpowers do not come from a meta human gene.

Yuka’s quiet demeanor means that he tends to go under the radar in most social situations. However, he is a loyal friend, making him an incredible asset to the team – Yuka is often the voice of reason in arguments between members of the Freidmont Four. This trait is the reason he was elected leader, though after the Cataclysm Yuka relinquished the title to Alli Stanton. After saving Alex Danfield from an attack by Princess and Kelly, the two became romantically involved; however, Yuka’s inexperience with girls often led to awkward situations. Since the events of the Cataclysm, Alex has instead shown interest in JV, which Yuka insists is “fine.”


Yuka Yahuk

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